Patisserie La Terrasse


Patisserie La Terrasse ayameike

提供期間 / 6月 - 8月

Kakigori served / June - August

奈良市あやめ池北 1 - 34 - 7  HANA 1F

HANA 1F, 1 - 34 - 7 Ayameikekita, Nara-city

TEL / 0742 - 40 - 0067

CLOSED / 火( Tuesday

OPEN / 10:00 - 19:00( L.O.  18:00 


※The order of KAKIGORI is 11: 00-17: 00.

PARKING / 20台( for 20 cars 





画像商品 /「果き氷(Ka()kigori)」¥ 850 (税込)

A patisserie is located on the edge of Ayameike pond, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature on the terrace. Strawberry Kakigori was resulted from seeking the rule of right Kakigori made with strawberry Kotoka, which will satisfy any generation. The homemade sauce and syrup full of flesh made by adding plenty of diced strawberries, which is with emphasis on aroma and sweetness, will perfectly satisfy you. Besides, we plan to release Kakigori with seasonal fruits such as mango, peach, grape and so on. They will be limited in quantity, so do not miss them!