提供期間 / 6月中旬 - 9月下旬

Kakigori served / Mid  June - Late September


1605 Nakamashi, Yoshinogun Oyodo-cho, 

TEL / 0746 - 32 - 5883

CLOSED / 月・火・水( Mon/Tue/Wed

OPEN / 11:30 - 17:00( L.O. 16:30 )※ランチタイム(11:30~14:00)はかき氷の提供に時間がかかります

PARKING / 8台あfor  8 Park

イチゴ、ブルーベリー、マンゴー、パイナップルと4 種類のフルーツピューレが彩るかき氷はビジュアルも味わいもとっても華やか!



画像商品  /「かき氷 全種類のせ (Four syrup topping Kakigori)」¥ 950 (税込)

The shaved ice made from strawberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, and fruit puree is delicious as well as visually gorgeous. To emphasize the natural flavor of the fruits, the amount of sugar is deliberately lowered, the ice is made of the correct crunchiness for the perfect thickness of the topping. It fills you with the calming feeling of being at a charming cafe surrounded by mountainous tea planation’s greenery. To get the chance to eat the lunch made from the fresh vegetables and fruits that the chef’s father has made, it is better that you make a reservation.