Park Side Kitchen

提供期間 / 6月 - 9月

Kakigori served / June - September

天理市川原城町 803 (天理駅前広場コフフン内)

(Tenri Station Square cofufun)803 Kawarajo-cho, Tenri-city

TEL / 0743 - 69 - 5770

CLOSED / 不定休(Irregularly)

OPEN / 10:00 - 18:00

※かき氷の注文は14:30~(The order of KAKIGORI is from 14:30)

PARKING / ココフン内駐車場あり(90分無料)(90 minutes free



画像商品  /「古都華と自家製ミルク(Strawberry"Kotoka" & Milk Kakigori )¥ 700 (税込)

It is a cafe located in Tenri as well as in Nara. It offers all you can eat lunches or home made udon. It also offers pastries and special sweets. There is also a space for children to play at. Because children as well as people of age visit this cafe quite a lot, their motto is Importance of ingredients and simplicity. This cafe uses sirups made at the famous Nakai farm, as well as strawberry juice. Using these ingredients they achieve simple yet luxurious taste. You should also try the roasted green tea (Hojicha) from Tsukigase or their shaved ice with seasonal fruits.

天理 / Tenri